Monday, June 20, 2011

Blog of the Week

Come one, come all, to this weeks blog of the week!

   We bring to you Elder Wixom's great blog A Marvelous World with his blog post "The Lesson He Probably Thinks I Forgot". In this blog post, Elder Wixom tells a personal story of joining the cross-country team at his school and soon  finding out just how sore his body can really feel. Just when he is ready to break, Papa Wixom encourages him to run some more, to never give up and to never surrender under hard experiences. It's a life lesson that Elder Wixom shows his gratitude for and simply states "I am grateful for the patience and support my dad has given me in all aspects of my life and for the lessons he taught me, even when he thought I was not listening."
All of the nominees did a great thing in blogging about something that was very relevant this week. Yesterday was Father's Day and many people were thinking about their daddy and what he has done for them. When we blog about things that people care about, they will read our blogs. So.... Keep it up!

Other Nominees for the week were:

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