Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 2011 Transfer Update!

Transfers have come and gone again!  Here is a summary of the leadership changes that were made this last transfer cycle.

  • Elder Smith was called to serve as the new Assistant to the President to replace Elder Catron.
  • Elder M.Davis was called to serve as the new Online Assistant to replace Elder Wixom.

  • Elder Miner, Elder Houston, Elder Haymore, Elder Mangelson, Elder Horspool and Elder Rice were called to serve as Zone Leaders.

The great greenie breakfast!

  • Elder Mower, Elder Johansson, Elder Brown, Elder Richey, Elder Sabin, Elder Senior, Elder Parr, Elder Nuttall, Elder Brunson, Elder Sherwood and Elder Garcia were called to serve as District Leaders.

  • Elder Nuttall, Elder Krambeck, Elder P. Davis, Elder Trujillo, Elder Steinicke, Elder Buckman, Elder Huntsman, Elder Henriksen, Elder Sherwood, Sister Reed, Sister Mace and Sister Weir were called as trainers.

  • We welcomed Elder Anderson, Elder Carter, Elder Trout, Elder Kiene, Elder Uppencamp, Elder Kitras, Elder Peschke, Elder Smith, Elder Bond, Sister Fikes, Sister Aitken, and Sister Helu.

  • We said farewell to Elder Mortensen, Elder Sims, Elder Sargent, Elder Catron, Elder Adams, Elder Heaton, Elder Weight, Elder Wixom, Elder Taylor, Sister Buchanan and Sister Nielson.

It will be hard with all of these amazing missionaries headed home, but lets keep up the good work and press onward.

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