Friday, December 21, 2012


This weeks Blog of the Week is...

Sister Wood!

For her Born of God blog, a great blog about overcoming personal darkness.

Here's the link!

This weeks honorable mentions are:

Elder K. Jackson with a blog about his own conversion

Sister Geralds's blog on what Christmas really means

Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 2012 Transfer Update

This has really been quite the transfer! We will miss the incredible group going home, but a terrific group has come in this transfer. So here is what's going on in the mission!

Trainers/New Missionaries/Areas
Elder Julander--------Elder S. Peterson (Big Fork)
Elder Hemenway----Elder J. Bond (Plains/Thompson Falls)
Elder T. Nielson-----Elder Stinson (Eureka)
Elder McKee--------Elder Richardson (Columbia Falls)
Elder Eiselin----------Elder Slade (Great Falls 3&7)
Sister Wood---------Sister Romrell (Miles City)
Elder Payne----------Elder McKeachnie (Cody 2&3)
Elder Sanders--------Elder Marshall (Riverton)

We are sad to see a great group of missionaries go home as well! 

Elder Hineman (Arizona)
Elder Shelley (Arizona)
Elder George (Utah)
Elder A. Smith (Utah)
Elder Savage (Utah)
Sister Helu (New Zealand)
Sister Fikes (Maine)
Elder Steinicke (Utah)
Elder Maloney (California)
Elder Fio (California)
Elder Mull (Virginia)

Here is some of the new leadership that was called.

Zone Leaders:

  • Elder Scott (Kalispell)
  • Elder Olsen (Great Falls)
  • Elder Hopkins (Butte)
  • Elder Horlacher (Wyoming North)
  • Elder Eide (Glendive)

District Leaders:

  • Elder Julander (Big Fork)
  • Elder Hemenway (Plains/Thompson Falls)
  • Elder Thawley (Hamilton)
  • Elder Burrows (Havre)
  • Elder Paine (Butte 1)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Blog of the week!

This weeks winner for blog of the week is Elder Maloney! 

And we'd like to give an honorable mention to:

Elder K. Walch

Friday, October 19, 2012

Blog of the Week!! 10/8-10/14

After an impressive showing of blogs posted throughout the MBM, it truly was a close race and a memorable week of blogs. So, without further ado, I announce that the blog of the week goes to none other than Elder Justin Parr for one of his very last blog posts on his mission. Congrats to Elder Parr and all the Honorable mentions, well played.

Honorable Mention:

We hope for an equally exciting and intense week of blogging ahead! We would also like to wish one of our biggest bloggers, Elder Greco, a farewell. Keep blogging my friend.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

BotW 10/1-10/7 (Steinicke)

Time for Blog of the Week again?  I can hear you all rejoicing exceedingly.  Drum roll please!  This week's winner is Elder Steinicke's blog!  This blog about snow gives us a whole different outlook on it.  We can see the many good things that come from it, and the symbolism behind it.  Also, there's a sweet video attached to it.  Nice job!

Honorable Mentions:
The Tender Mercies of the Lord - Sister Reed
Seek to Obtain My Word - Sister Geralds
Save it be One Soul - Elder Rust

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