Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog of the Week!

Here it is, this week's "Blog of the Week" post.  The blog selected this week is Elder Stauffer's blog The Trump of God, primarily his post "Want to Win the War? Get Organized."  Here in the mission home we really liked how Elder Stauffer directed his post to a question he had been asked recently.  It helped make his post relevant because he was writing to someone who had a specific question, especially a question that we hear a lot.  Another intriguing thing about this post was the comments that followed afterward.  The comments after the post became a discussion board where people put their thoughts and had a conversation.  With comments we need to be careful to control them so they do not get out of hand and distract, but they can also be used as a way to help further learning and understanding.  Use your best judgment on what is appropriate and what is not.
Picture of Elder Stauffer's blog The Trump of God

The other nominees for the week were:

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  1. Awesome awesome awesome blog. I need to get mine current. I hope that alumni can be included in some way...
    Love y'all and love MBM.


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