Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 2011 Transfer Update

Elder Adams playing a musical number

Transfer time always brings changes to the mission.  Here is a summary of the leadership changes that were made this last transfer cycle.
  • Elder Thomas was called to serve as the new Assistant to the President to replace Elder Adams.
  • Elder Garcia was called to serve as the new Online Assistant to replace Elder Ika.

  • Elder Ika, Elder Hughes, Elder Mortenson, and Elder Merrell were called to serve as Zone Leaders.

    Delicious breakfast, good company, what more is there?
  • Elder Jensen, Elder Adams, Elder Sharp, Elder Huntsman, Elder Wixom, and Elder Stewart were called to serve as District Leaders.

  • Elder Jacobus, Elder M. Lee, Elder Whitlock, and Sister Reed were called as trainers.

  • We welcomed Elder Horlacher, Elder Landbeck, Elder Walch, and Sister Twitchell to the Montana Billings Mission.
Elder Ives preparing to hit the road once more.

  • We said farewell to Elder Coker, Elder Roerdanz, Elder Leslie, and Elder Askey.

This past transfer has been one of service and miracles.  We are excited to still be moving forward and seeing the Lord's hand in the work.

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  1. Good luck Elders and Sisters! We love you all!


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