Monday, May 16, 2011

Blog of the Week!

This weeks blog comes from none other than our very own Sister Buchanan! It is entitled "I Wonder When He Comes Again". As far as overall blog design goes, she's got it down. The colors and fonts are a reflection of her personality. It's also very simple and easy to navigate. Her post, "The Girl.", is whats really caught the attention of the office crew. What hooks one into reading this post is how easily one can relate to the opening paragraph. She then reels you in by being personal. Her implementation of scripture, followed by the statement, "The girl didn't understand everything that she read. She didn't know who Alma was. She didn't know where Zarahemla was, or who this son was they were talking about. What the girl did know was that the book, The Book of Mormon, had changed her heart a little bit.", is powerful as this is an experience many people who read the Book of Mormon for the first time have. Well done Sister Buchanan.

Some other great blogs that were nominated this week:

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