Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 2012 Transfer Update

Transfers have come and gone and with a whole slew of changes made, we all have an opportunity for brand new beginnings! We especially want to acknowledge some fantastic missionaries who have gone home and a HUGE group of great new missionaries who have joined the ranks among the Elders and Sisters of the MBM. Here are some of the transfer highlights!

New Missionaries and their Trainers:
Elder Decker                           Elder Paine (Polson)
Elder Hemenway                     Elder Rob Collins Smith (Plains & Thompson Falls)
Elder Eiselin                             Elder McLaren (Missoula 1)
Elder Farthing                          Elder Peschke (Missoula 2,3)
Elder Young                            Elder Pace (Great Falls 3,7)
Elder Martell                           Elder Mull (Two Rivers, Cascade)
Elder Halverson                      Elder Simper (Great Falls 4,5)
Elder Cox                               Elder George (Malta, Chinook)
Elder Woolwine                      Elder A. Smith (Anaconda)
Sister Joyner                           Sister Valdivieso (Helena 5)
Sister Schneider                      Sister West (Helena 1,3)
Elder Packer                           Elder Steinicke (Pioneer Park)
Elder Payne                             Elder Warner (Roundup)
Elder Weaver                          Elder Ruchti (Belgrade)
Elder Norman                          Elder Akina (Thermopolis)
Elder Seth Ross                       Elder Seth Hanson (Lander)

*Elder and Sister Sears will be working in the office in the place of Elder and Sister Ives.

 What a solid group of GOLDENS! Welcome to the Montana Billings Mission!

New District Leaders:
Elder Rob Smith
Elder Pullen
Elder Isaacson
Elder Villejo
Elder Simper
Elder Clark
Elder Marriott
Elder Horlacher

New Zone Leaders:
Elder Jairl (Kalispell)
Elder Kaveinga (Missoula)
Elder Hineman (Butte)
Elder Soloman (Bozeman)
Elder Huffaker (Billings)
Elder Shelley (Wyoming South)
Elder Bird (Glendive)
Elder Aldous (Billings East)
Elder B. Lee (Great Falls)
Elder Banks (Billings East)

New Assitants:
Elder Luke Neilson
Elder Chris White (Online Administrator)
Elder Savage (Traveling)

Departing Missionaries:
Elder Wahl (Ohio)
Elder Stauffer (California)
Elder Jacobus (California)
Elder Bennion (Utah)
Elder and Sister Ives (Billings)

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  1. What a blessing it was to serve in the MBM. I want to be a missionary again so much. Keep working hard Elders and Sisters.


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