Friday, May 11, 2012

May 2012 Transfer Update

This transfer is going to be awesome! We are excited for all of the great work that is being done throughout the Mission. We are keeping right in line with our goal of 1212. Keep up the great work!! Here's what is going on throughout the Mission with new leaders called:

New Zone Leaders

Elder Hanson- Kalispell
Elder George- Missoula
Elder Owens- Great Falls
Elder Greco- Butte
Elder Goodwin- Bozeman
Elder Savage- Billing East
Elder Jacobus- Cody
Elder Palacios- Glendive

New District Leaders

Elder Shelly- Laurel
Elder Horlacher- Missoula
Elder Hokanson- Lander
Elder R. Davis- Cody
Elder  Keine- Great Falls
Elder Mull- Lewistown

Trainers and their Trainees

Elders Krambeck/Julander
Elders M. Lee/Olsen
Elders Wood/Farabee
Elders A. Smith/Solomon
Elders Hatch/Jackson
Elders Scott/McKee
Elders Lunt/Pile
Elders Horlacher/Rust
Elders White/Peterson
Elders Landbeck/Catron
Sisters Fikes/Niutapuai
Sisters Tuckett/Wood
Sisters Schofield/Lammi

We said goodbye to some great Missionaries this week:

Elder Holbrook- Fort Collins, Colorado
Elder Murillo- Pocatello, Idaho
Elder Sabin- Tomball, Texas
Elder Senior- Alpine, Utah
Elder Willey- Suwanee, Georgia
Sister Lougee- Laurel, Maryland
Sister Ma'umalanga- Tongatapu, Tonga

Have a great transfer! Keep working hard and know we love y'all!

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