Monday, February 20, 2012

B.O.T.W.....this is the REMIX!!!

B.O.T.W. (blog of the week) is back with a vengeance! The Blogs of the Montana Billings Mission keep getting better and better. This B.O.T.W comes from none other than our very own.................Brother Mike Henneke!

Who is Brother Henneke? He's a member of the Pioneer Park Ward here in Billings, MT. Brother Henneke is an avid Facebooker and blogger. He seamlessly weaves his religious and personal life into his posts, because they are one in the same to him. In order for "...the Lord (to) call the MBM Zion...", not only do us missionaries need to use online in the correct way, but more members like Brother Heneke are needed to help us plant those seeds by sharing the Gospel online. Then in due time, the harvest will come. Check out his great post on his blog "Is This Mike On?"

The other nominees for this week are:

1 comment:

  1. You guys are pretty sneaky. You knew that I would get all cocky and share this everywhere, thereby furthering the work of the Lord. Brilliant! -- Mike H.


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