Monday, November 28, 2011

Blog of the week!

The Blog of the week goes to  Elder Hineman's "Why don't we drive cars on the moon?" Elder Hineman does a great job in taking a common question that people have about salvation and explaining it using an analogy about an engine. People may not understand how an engine works but it is explained well and ties into what the message is about, faith and works. He also backs up his teaching with scripture to further explain his point. What also helped this blog was the attention grabbers. He had a unique title and a unique picture, which grabs the eye and attracts the reader. It is a good example of a blog that can grab the readers attention and then introduce gospel principles as he relates them to an engine and finish with strong testimony. Well done, Elder Hineman.

Other Blog Nominees:

Sister Reed's: Spiritual Resuscitation         
Elder Mower's: It's all on the line

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