Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog of the Week!!

It being my last time picking the "Blog of the Week", I decided to do something unprecedented. Not one, not two, but three blogs that are featured this week! BOO-YAH!! These bad boys are the cream of the crop, so check them out!

Elder S. Smiths' blog post 
"Why Become A Mormon?". 
Elder Smith talks about his struggle to come out on a mission, but the great blessings that have come from it. It teaches us that trails and struggles are ultimately for our own good. We grow and learn from them.

Elder Buckmans' blog post 
Elder Buckman does a great job at  sharing a personal spiritual experience from back home. It really helps everyone to understand the great need for prayer and how we need to depend on the Lord. 

Elder Bennions' blog post 
Elder Bennion shares an experience that happened back in St.George where there was severe flooding. I was there when all of this happened and it truly was a sobering experience seeing peoples homes drop into the undercutting river. He applies this to having a sure foundation in Christ.

Keep up all of the good online-work Elders and Sisters. Sure do love ya!
-Elder Garcia

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