Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zone Conference-August 2011

We have ended our Zone Conferences uplifted and ready for the work. Thanks to all those who have helped to put them together and making them an inspiring experience. Some of the different messages that were shared include:

Honnald and the Moonlight Buttress:
President Gardner opened up the conference with the amazing story of Alex Honnold's solo climbing the Moonlight Buttress, a straight cliff which towers over 1000 ft high. We then discussed the relation between this and the goals our mission has set and the things we can learn from Honnold's climb that can compare to our missionary work and reaching the heighth of our goal.

"You Are Great!"
Smile!: Sister Gardner shared with us some thoughts on being happy, smiling, and making someones day through a complement. To help illustrate her point she also shared with us a video called Validation. This video depicts a character, Hugh Newman, who's goal in life is to make people smile. Though he encounters some who struggle with smiling, as he continues to be persistent he accomplishes his goal. Let us all apply what Hugh and Sister Gardner taught us and Smile!   

Book of Mormon: President Gardner talked to us about the different speculations of evidences of The Book of Mormon and talk about how the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence and how there will continue to be more revealed as more try to tear down The Book of Mormon. He also invited us as a mission to read The Book of Mormon by December 8th and to look for answers to four questions while doing so.
     1. Did these people really live?
     2. Could any unlearned boy have written such a record?
     3. What is there here that testifies of Christ?
     4. What is there here for me to learn?
We would like to invite all of you to join the Montana Billings Mission in reading The Book of Mormon by December 8th and consider these four questions yourself. Click here to join the Official MBM Book of Mormon reading event group on Facebook.

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