Monday, August 15, 2011

Blog of the Week: 8/8/11

Well Hey there MBM and all of those following the Montana Billings Mission blogs out there! We had a great week of blogging here in the MBM and hope you enjoy reading some of our top blogs in the mission! This weeks blog post of the week comes to us from the Fort Peck Reservation, Poplar,Montana. Elder Mull tells the story of being asked "What kind of white guy are you?" on the rez. He writes about how he didn't know until he used the church resources to look at his family history. Elder Mull does a great job of telling a funny but insightful story of how we all can come to know where our family roots come from. Check it out and enjoy!

Other nominees include:
                   Sister Jensen: 2+2=350
                   Elder Lee: Sick and Tired
                   Elder Miller:Life is like a Guitar

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