Monday, July 25, 2011

Blog of the Week!

 This week's Blog of the Week comes to us from Elder Freeman, straight outta Butte, America! His blog titled Preparation, Don't Forget Your Helmet!! tells of his process back home of preparing to leave to go to the sand dunes with his family. He talks about how they prepared for any problems they could encounter while on the dunes from having their helmets for safety to bringing their tools in case something broke. He then applies it to our lives and how preparation is key. Preparation to meet God, preparation for the future, and preparation for a safe life. He ends with a great quote that says “when the time for performance is at hand, the time for preparation is over" He does a great job of talking about something he enjoys and applying it to the gospel. Overall a great blog post on a great blog complete with a pretty cool picture of Elder Freeman on top.

Other Nominees: Elder Greco: An Egg-cellent Story
                          Elder Merrell: Just Doing Some Snowboarding
                          Elder Cabrera: Together Forever

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