Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zone Conference pt. 2

Lunch introductions in Helena
The past two days we finished up the Zone Conferences in the mission.  On Tuesday we were in Helena with the Bozeman, Great Falls, and Butte and Helena zones.   We were taught and edified by those who were in attendance.  Elder Butler from the Butte/Helena zone taught us how the gospel blesses families by telling his story. Elder Mortensen from Bozeman shared his insights of what entrusted by heaven means.

Short break and a time to stretch
The musical numbers were also a great addition to the meeting.  The Butte district sang a traditional Samoan hymn on missionary work with Elder Fio leading the way.  Elder Houston, Elder Nelson, and Elder Hunsaker sang a rendition of "The Witnesses" from Joseph Smith the Prophet with Elder Greco at the piano.  Elder Butler, Elder Senior, Elder Baer, and Elder Mortensen sang "What was Witnessed in the Heavens?", a great song about the importance of the restoration of the gospel.

The Kalispell sisters, Elder Catron, and Elder Adams
Our concluding session of Zone Conferences was held in Kalispell on Wednesday with the Missoula and Kalispell zones.  Elder Thomas from Missoula instructed us on the importance of love for other missionaries and that love as a reflection of our power and authority.  Elder Weight from Kalispell gave the equation for bringing souls unto Christ; "Love of the Savior + gratitude for the Atonement = bringing souls unto Him."  Kenny, a recent convert from the Kalispell area, and Elder Krambeck from Missoula also invited the Spirit with their musical numbers.

Lunch in Kalispell
Overall, the Zone Conferences went very well.  In summary, Sister Gardner taught how the trials we go through on our mission are preparing us for greater things using the story of the blacksmith and the butterfly.  Elder Adams and Elder Catron went over the importance of nightly planning and the new saying "Nightly planning brings daily success" was introduced.  Elder Wixom and Elder Ika gave some suggestions on how to bring blogs to life and presented the acronym R-I-B-B-E-T.  President Gardner taught how we must have the doctrine of Christ in our lives and illustrated the principle of repentance with the old saddle.  Elder Holland, via video recording, taught what we as missionaries can improve upon and the impact that our missions will have on the the rest of our lives.

We want to thank again those who supported us in these Zone Conferences.  The food was wonderful and we appreciate the priesthood leaders who also addressed us.

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