Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 2011 Transfer update

The "Greenie" Breakfast 4/27/11
Transfers are always a busy time in the mission.  As we approach the end of this transfer cycle, here is a brief summary of some of the changes made in the mission.
  • Elder Catron was called to serve as the new Assistant to the President to replace Elder Goff.
  • Elder Ika and Elder Wixom were called to serve as the Online Assistants.

  • Elder Freeman, Elder Newman, Elder Garcia, and Elder S. Smith were called to serve as Zone Leaders.

Elder Sharp poses for a picture while relaxing during breakfast
  • Elder Hunsaker, Elder Knudson, Elder Ika, Elder Ruch, and Elder Rice were called to serve as District Leaders.

  • Elder Cassaro, Elder Hanson, Elder Elmer, Elder Parr, Elder Huntsman, Elder P. Davis, Elder Jensen, Sister Jensen, Sister Buchanan, Sister John, and Sister Van Leishout were called as trainers.

  • We welcomed Elder Hokanson, Elder Cabrera, Elder Huffaker, Elder Hale, Elder Price, Elder Eide, Elder Sessions, Sister Williams, Sister Berry, Sister Clay, Sister Davidson, and Sister Maneha to the Montana Billings Mission.

Group of missionaries singing "Lead, Kindly Light"
  • We said farewell to Elder House, Elder Anderson, Elder Vroom, Elder Goff, Elder Tabor,  Elder Moore, Elder Dearborn, Elder Berquist, Sister Ivie, Sister Nez, Sister Randall, Sister Davis, and Sister Rathgeber. 

We want to thank everyone who had a hand in making this transfer smooth and successful.  We are ready for another awesome six weeks full of teaching, testifying, inviting, and of miracles.


  1. Very informative! Transfer info without a new Talon!

  2. I sure do miss the Montana Billings mission. It just keeps running without me there... :'(

  3. Don't forget the work & spirit you put into this Mission will never end bud!


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